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Bardic Ballad

So, I got a really cool sword in DnD the other night, a frost blade I named Neiva. And as my character is a Bard, I decided that Neiva needed a ballad of her own.

Long slept dark Neiva,
First Daughter of Risia,
When carried from Frostfell's heart
Deep into Khorvaire.

Dreamt she, all in despair
Of battles won when last she woke.
Hot blood that flushed her icy cheeks,
And ran in rivers at her feet.

Lay she like a fairy tale
Princess to await the day,
When Destiny would come to claim
Her icy heart for its own.

Did she wake, or
Did she dream?
A touch? A warmth.
A long caress.

The touch of calloused hands,
Yet soft with love,
They lifted her.

Cradled her,
Caressed her,
Wielded her,
Possessed her.

Once more she felt the sensual rush,
Of blood pulsing under skin.
Of body warmth and soul's fire,
Rushing, rushing on.

Her silvered blade reflected light,
Showing itself keen.
She radiated power cold,
And won a Master's heart.

Dark Neiva,
Frostfell's Blade,
Once more came to light.
In the hands of a hero,
She would win the fight.

So, what do you guys think? Feedback is appreciated.
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